ZOO Fans H-Series fans are designed for open ceilings and free-hanging locations. The “H” stands for “Height” and represents the hanging height (AFF) at which each fan model is designed to generate sufficient airflow to hit the floor at a minimum of 100 feet per minute.

In fact, due to the patented design and premium-performance fan motors in each ZOO fan, every H-Series ZOO fan outperforms this design target. But don’t just take our word for it. ZOO Fans is the ONLY manufacturer of small destratification fans that provides fan performance numbers from a leading, third-party, industry-certified laboratory.

With variable speed control, ZOO fans cover a range of ceilings from 10’ to 140’ high. Fan coverage isn’t based on square footage; it’s based on cubic volume. Imagine trying to specify HVAC or lighting based on square feet alone!

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