On/Off/Speed Controls. Why? For the same reason you don’t buy a car that only goes one speed. It’s a lot more versatile to cover a range of speeds. The same fan model installed in the same facility may run at different speeds in different locations. The same fan model installed in a gable roof, at different heights, may also run at different speeds. As spot coolers, individual fan speed controls ensure maximum comfort.

And why not run the fans as efficiently as possible? Already extremely energy efficient, ZOO fans can save additional energy by operating at the lowest speed necessary to do the job. For example, an electric motor run at 2/3 speed consumes about half the power required to run on high speed. A motor run on half speed requires about one-third the power. And fine-tuning the airflow can also help to fine-tune comfort.

Whether it’s done manually, automatically or via a Building Automation System, wired, wirelessly, individually or in zones…that’s up to you. MODBUS, BACnet, dedicated web-enabled user interface, fan speeds based on the Delta-T between the floor and the ceiling…chances are we’ve done it.

Choose your controller below, or just give us a call and we will let you know all the options for the best set up.

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