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The Control System for JetVent Fans

The JetVent Control Center communicates with JetVent fans, sensors, detectors, and supply and exhaust fans, to dynamically control ventilation according to pollutant, smoke, or temperature levels in the space.

This Control Center offers significant energy savings through comprehensive ventilation management — it costs less to install, is simple to commission, and easy to monitor.



Product Overview

JetVent Fans Control Center is designed as a complete stand-alone garage ventilation management control system that generates significant energy savings. The pre-configured Control Center responds to varying levels of pollutants, as reported by the sensors, and varies the operating speed of the fans. The Control Center can also vary the speed of supply and exhaust fans and integrate their operation with overall ventilation requirements based on pre-configured environmental conditions.



  • Can ventilate any parking garage
  • One Fire Zone per controller or expansion module
  • Supports five (5) expansion modules
  • Factory programming of all components to match the parking garage onsite
  • Minimal cabling — digital communication messages used between networked devices
  • Analogue Sensor connects directly to nearest device, EC JetVent Fan, Drive or Controller
  • Sensors are CO, NO2, Temperature and Smoke Detection
  • Integrated optional smoke detection system for quick shutdown
  • Connects to BMS for monitoring
  • Independent Mechanical Switch Board and Fire Panel connectivity
  • On/Auto/Off Modes of operation
  • Connects to Ethernet for remote diagnostics and monitoring
  • Installation and commissioning is much faster and easier than other ventilation control systems
  • Operates on demand control to maximize energy efficiency
  • Purge Timer with real-time clock
  • Other Drives can be used with 0-10VDC signals



Fire Alarm Panel Inputs


Alarm Outputs


Sensor Inputs (CO, NO2, Temperature)


Smoke Detector Input




VFD Control Outputs








  • 2-Year Parts





  • JetVent Control Center
  • JetVent Control Center Expansion Board
  • JetVent Control Center BACnet Interface Card
  • CO Gas Sensor
  • NO2 Gas Sensor
  • Temperature Sensor



JetVent Fans and the JetVent Control Center

Download the details to learn how JetVent’s advanced technology, digital controls, and integrated sensors deliver the ultimate in energy efficiency and safety.

A JetVent Fans ventilation system can be designed for virtually any garage.

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