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Let’s face it, local government’s biggest ongoing challenge is figuring out how to pay for everything that everybody wants! So it’s refreshing when something comes along that pays for itself, using local resources. And what does any of this have to do with fans?

At ZOO fans, we build products that quickly pay for themselves through energy savings. ZOO fans bring the conditioned air from the ceiling down to the Zone Of Occupancy, down on the floor where most people live and work, noticeably improving comfort. HVAC systems run less, operating costs go down.

By continuing to circulate the air you’ve already paid to heat or cool, these energy-efficient fans eliminate hot and cold spots. Spaces with even temperatures are more comfortable and cost less to heat and cool, conserving local resources.

Firefighters, Librarians, and Road Crews

ZOO Fans are quiet enough for offices, libraries, auditoriums, and museums and tough enough for firehouses and municipal equipment sheds. These quiet, energy efficient fans are installed in drop ceilings and open ceilings, from 8’ to 140’ high, in correctional facilities, airports and transit facilities, train stations, schools and park buildings, swimming pools, tennis courts, gyms and ice rinks.

Unlike a traditional commercial ceiling fan, ZOO fans are specifically designed to gently mix the air without creating a draft. With no open blades to create distractions or hazards, ZOO fans blend seamlessly with existing HVAC.

Some states and local utilities offer discounts and rebates for installing destratification fans as part of the sustainability and energy savings program. You can check if your state qualifies here.

Quick Payback

We have your budget in mind, too. A study done on behalf of the DOE puts the ROI for most destratification projects at less than three years—for more details give us a call.

When it comes to savings and comfort, ZOO fans are the right choice.

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