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Education: Gymnasiums & Multipurpose Rooms

Sports Fans

Gyms, multi-purpose rooms, field houses, indoor practice fields, ice rinks, natatoriums, and even bigger spaces like sports arenas—ZOO fans provide energy savings and year-round comfort. ZOO fans effectively mix the air, gently destratifying the space and delivering conditioned air down to the Zone Of Occupancy, down on the floor where all the action and spectating take place.

ZOO Fans improve air circulation and eliminate hot and cold spots, disperse humidity, help control condensation, and keep floors dry. HVAC systems run less, comfort goes up and energy costs go down. Spaces with even temperatures are more comfortable, and cost less to heat and cool.

Big League

ZOO fans are installed everywhere, from K-12, to colleges and big universities, from the University of Alaska, University of Colorado, University of Indiana, to Florida’s Campus Crusade for Christ, the Prince Georges County School District K-12, to a two-fan schoolhouse in Maine. ZOO fans are specified by Johnson Controls, PEPCO, Ameresco and others for gyms and athletic facilities because engineers know how effective the fans can be in these types of facilities.

Utility Player

ZOO fans are installed in gyms and athletic facilities from 12’ to 100+’ high. Although the primary goal of these fans is destratification, the fans can also be operated closer and act as spot coolers. ZOO fans operating on higher speeds can provide additional air circulation during warmer months.

These quiet, energy-efficient fans are easy to install, and easy to control—individually, in zones, manually or via BAS. And all ZOO fans are variable speed controllable, to fine-tune comfort and performance.

Quiet, Please!

If the gym is also used for assemblies and performances, consider using the ZOO Fans AVST autotransformer controller for the fans to make them even quieter on lower speeds.

Want local control of the fans for the teacher, but BAS control otherwise? Ask us how!

Three Cheers

There may be other ways to save 20-40% on heating and 10-30% on cooling, but do they improve comfort the way ZOO fans do? Get even more comfortable with an average payback of 18-36 months. The fans go wild!

Join the Team

Whether you want to save money on energy costs, reduce your carbon footprint, help students, faculty and visitors get comfortable, or (e) All of the Above—we’ve got a winning strategy. Let us try out for the team—see what we can do. Give us a call!

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