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Education: Auditoriums

Fans of a Great Performance

Auditoriums, performing arts centers, stages, concert halls, and theatres— ZOO fans noticeably improve comfort in the Zone Of Occupancy, down where the performers and spectators are. These quiet, energy-efficient fans improve air circulation, gently mixing the air, destratifying the space, and eliminating hot and cold spots.

We’ve all sat in an auditorium where it gets too hot or too cold until, finally, the HVAC comes on! After running for a while, the temperature goes too far the other way—and now you can’t wait for the HVAC to switch off. Finally, it does shut off, and the warming/cooling cycle starts again!

ZOO fans eliminate this up-and-down cycling. By keeping the air circulating whether the HVAC is running or not, tempers and temperatures stay even, the thermostat is satisfied longer, and so are the people.

A Big Cast, Easy to Direct

There is a wide range of fans available, Open Ceilings to 100+’ high, and Drop Ceilings and Clouds, from 8’ to 50’ high. These quiet, energy-efficient fans are easy to install, and easy to control—individually, in zones, manually or via BAS. And all ZOO fans are variable speed controllable, to fine-tune comfort and performance.

Rave Reviews

There may be other ways to save 20-40% on heating and 10-30% on cooling, but do they improve comfort the way ZOO fans do? Get even more comfortable with an average payback of 18-36 months. The fans go wild!

Curtains Up

Whether you want to save money on energy costs, reduce your carbon footprint, help students and faculty get comfortable, or (e) All of the Above—we’ve got a great act to share with you. Let us audition—see what we can do. Give us a call!

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