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Airports & Aviation: Airport Maintenance

Clear Runways, Dry Floors

Few people realize how much equipment it takes to operate an airport. Snow removal fleets, runway maintenance equipment, baggage handling equipment and conveyors. Open doors, wet floors. It’s a lot to manage.

ZOO Fans can help, with an energy-efficient, patented design that keeps air circulating and eliminates hot and cold spots from floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall. Spaces with even temperatures and gently circulating air are more comfortable and less expensive to heat and cool.

Noticeably improve comfort in the Zone Of Occupancy (ZOO)—down on the floor, where most people live and work. Help eliminate condensation, equipment and floors dry more quickly, temperatures recover faster when doors are closed—safety, comfort and productivity improve. And it’s paid for quickly with energy savings!

Equipment Sheds, Hangars, Garages

All places that benefit from increased air circulation. Pull wet, snowy equipment in at night and pick-up dry equipment on dry floors the next day. Municipal equipment sheds around the country know the benefit of running ZOO fans—so do the garages and storage facilities of trucking companies, the largest package shipper, the biggest automotive companies in the world, the USAF, Air National Guard, Coast Guard…you get the point—people who just run equipment run ZOO Fans—you should, too.

Bags, Bags and More Bags

Whether you’re loading a conveyor at DFW and are in need of a spot cooler, or wishing the floor were warm and dry at Ted Stevens, ZOO Fans can help. Right now. Bags are in.

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