ZOO Fans may also be used for spot cooling. First, select one of the following fans, depending on the desired airflow and hanging height:

ZOO Fans H60 Premium Efficiency
DownloadDownload H60 AC Test Results

ZOO Fans H65 Premium Efficiency
DownloadDownload H65 EC Test Results

ZOO Fans H120 EC, Premium Efficiency
DownloadDownload H120 EC Test Results

ZOO Fans H140 EC, Premium Efficiency
DownloadDownload H140 EC Test Results

Fans should be installed in the area to be spot cooled with as close as possible to the target area. To see the relative airflow, check the fan performance tables for each fan, above, or just give us a call.

We recommend that all spot coolers provide on/off/variable speed controls to allow occupants to fine-tune airflow for maximum comfort. As discussed in BSR/ASHRAE Standard 55P, Thermal Environmental Conditions for Human Occupancy 2/24/03:

“Large individual differences exist between people with regard to the preferred air speed. Therefore, the elevated air speed must be under the direct control of the affected occupants and adjustable in steps no greater than 0.15 m/s (30 fpm). The benefits that can be gained by increasing air speed depend on clothing and activity. Due to increases in skin wetness, the effect of increased speed is greater with elevated activity than with sedentary activity. Due to increased amounts of exposed skin, the effect of increased air speed is greater with lighter clothing.”

For light, primarily sedentary activity, the ASHRAE publication mentioned above recommends airflow below 150 FPM (feet per minute).

Here’s a graph that shows a more simplistic relationship between airspeed and cooling effect:

Spot Cooling

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