Earning LEED® Credits

It is important to note that individual products are not “LEED qualified” or “LEED certified.” However, individual products that are proven to promote energy efficiency, such as ZOO Fans, can contribute to an overall project design which, in its entirety, possesses the necessary Mimimum Program Requirements (MPRs) that a project must meet in order to be eligible for LEED Certification.

ZOO Fans may contribute to earning LEED credits in the following categories.

Energy and Atmosphere

Additional Information
The LEED® Green Building Rating System is copyrighted by the U.S. Green Building Council, Inc. For more information, including an overview, process, minimum program requirements, usage, and strategies for LEED Certificaiton:LEED 2009 for New Construction and Major Renovations Rating System (PDF)

For a Project Checklist to keep track of LEED points required for certification
LEED 2009 for New Construction and Major Renovations Checklist (XLS)

  • Prerequisite 2 — Minimum Energy Performance (Required)
  • Credit 1 — Optimize Energy Performance (1-19 points)

For buildings with ceiling heights above 12 feet — up to as high as 85 feet (so far) — ZOO Fans have demonstrated that they are very effective at significantly reducing the temperature differential that naturally occurs between the floor and ceiling. This stratification creates hot and cold spots in conditioned spaces and causes heating and cooling systems to run more often than would be necessary if these temperature differentials were significantly reduced or eliminated. By running less, HVAC equipment introduces less make-up air, requires less maintenance, lasts longer, and consumes less energy — 20%-40% savings are achievable for heated spaces, and 10%-30% for air-conditioned spaces.

  • Credit 4 — Enhanced Refrigerant Management (2 points)

ZOO Fans can also be used as spot coolers to provide a cooling effect in a targeted area by increasing the air speed. The sensation of increased air flow allows thermostats to be set higher in air-conditioned spaces. For example, airflow of 225-275 feet per minute can equate to a cooling sensation of 8-10°F, depending on factors like humidity, without sacrificing occupant comfort. Also, by distributing cool, conditioned air more evenly, the cooling equipment runs less. This higher setting on the thermostat and less frequent cycling can translate to a 10%-30% reduction in energy consumption by air-conditioning equipment.

Indoor Environmental Quality

  • Prerequisite 1 — Minimum Indoor Air Quality Performance (Required)
  • Credit 2 — Increased Ventilation (1 point)

ZOO Fans increase the effectiveness of the air distribution system. Air handlers and blowers consume significantly more power, may introduce additional make-up air, and often leave hot and cold spots. Unlike air handlers that go on-and-off, ZOO Fans constantly circulate the air, providing improved ventilation.

  • Credit 7.1 — Thermal Comfort — Design (1 point)
  • Credit 7.2 — Thermal Comfort — Verification (1 point)

ZOO Fans increase occupant comfort by eliminating hot and cold spots. And because ZOO Fans are all variable-speed controllable, they can be fine-tuned to adjust the air flow in a specific area to the comfort level of the occupants so as not to create uncomfortable drafts.

For retrofit installation, measurements taken before-and-after validate and quantify the claim of increased thermal comfort, both horizontally and vertically within a facility.

Innovation in Design

  • Credit 1 — Innovation in Design (1-5 points)
  • Credit 2 — LEED Accredited Professional (1 point)

ZOO Fans can be used as a “ductless duct”™ to distribute conditioned air effectively throughout a facility, thereby significantly reducing the amount of ductwork required and contributing to a strategy that minimizes materials. A de-stratified space also has lower demands for heating and air-conditioning capacity design.

Need help? Give us a call! You are also encouraged to consult with a LEED accredited engineer or designer to discuss additional contributions ZOO Fans can make to your project’s LEED Certification, as well as other strategies to promote green building practices.

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