Big Fans that run on forward create a draft. That’s great when you want to stay cool, but when it’s cold and you want to stay warm…not so much. To hit the floor, mix the air thoroughly and destratify, Big Fans must run at such a high speed that in the wintertime, when run on forward, they make you feel colder. It’s uncomfortable. Sure, you can slow the fan down, but then the air won’t mix properly. Turn it up enough to mix effectively, and you get that darned draft. And a draft is a draft and people don’t like drafts when it’s cold. Just stand under one that’s running on forward in the wintertime if you don’t believe it.

There are two, much better ways to destratify. One way is to use an HVLS or Big Fan that runs well in reverse. Hunter Industrial, a company ZOO Fans is proud to call a partner, makes what we believe are the best-engineered HVLS fans built today, so it’s not surprising that they perform well in either direction, forward or reverse. We don’t think you can find a better-performing, better-engineered HVLS fan than Hunter, so if Big Fans make sense, we’ll recommend them.

Mixing the air without creating drafts is a key feature of ZOO Fans. These small, quiet, energy efficient fans are designed to bring the warm air down to the floor in a gentle column of air that remains intact, but doesn’t cause a draft. And since all ZOO Fans are variable speed controllable—manually, automatically, or via a building management system—the airspeed can easily be fine-tuned for comfort.

ZOO Fans can get air to places Big Fans can’t reach, like down aisles, around and between machinery, and under mezzanines to name just a few. With no open blades to worry about, ZOO Fans won’t create concerns like strobing with lights or skylights, interference with fire suppression equipment, or the realities of cranes, wires, hoses, racking and all the other things that get in the way of open-bladed fans.

To see just how great ZOO Fans, perform, checkout the performance data from third-party, independent test results (H65 Test results pdf) on the H65 EC Premium Efficiency Fan. Ain’t no party like a third party!

Destratification savings and comfort with all-volunteer air—no draft!

Mixing Air Makes Sense and Cents

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