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About Destratification

In HVAC, destratification is a term used to describe the process of eliminating layers, or strata, in the air that are naturally or artificially formed, often one of a number of layers on top of one another.

Destratification Fans in Heated Spaces

These layers of strata form when warm air – more buoyant than cool air – rises to the ceiling and stays there. This warm air can occur naturally, or can be from a heating source such as space heaters or infrared heaters, generated from machinery or as a byproduct of manufacturing. Unless the air is mixed and this layering is eliminated, the space must be overheated from the top down in order to warm the floor – a very inefficient approach. Unlike paddle fans, ZOO Fans destratification fans create a concise column of air from ceiling to floor. By adjusting the speed of this airflow, uncomfortable drafts are eliminated, floors are warmed, the air is destratified, and comfort noticeably improves. Energy savings can be significant.

Destratification Fans in Air Conditioned Spaces

Contrary to popular belief, stratification can also form when dry, cooler air is trapped above warm, moist air – a condition that frequently occurs in buildings with ceiling-based sources of air-conditioning. Unless the air handlers are running constantly, this cool air will stagnate and slowly take on the attributes of the warm, moist air around it. By turning up the variable speed controls available with ZOO Fans, cool conditioned air cycles more evenly. Our destratification fans create additional air movement, which also contributes to improving comfort. The set point on the thermostat can be raised by 4-5 0F, lowering energy bills.

By eliminating hot and cold spots and creating constant background air circulation, ZOO Fans’ energy efficient fans destratify the space, equalizing temperatures from floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall. A space with even temperatures is much more comfortable and less expensive to heat or cool.

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