ZOO Fans? Are they fans made just for Zoos? Because they noticeably improve comfort, these energy-efficient destratification fans are installed in zoos—from the orangutan enclosure in Adelaide, Australia to the giraffe house in Dublin, Ireland—but that’s not where the name originates. It comes from Zone Of Occupancy, the area from the floor to six feet up, the space where most people live and work.

ZOO Fans’ patented design incorporates advanced fan engineering to gently deliver conditioned air from the ceiling to the floor, in spaces from 8’ to 100+’ high, open ceilings and drop ceilings. This added circulation eliminates hot and cold spots in all types of facilities, not just the occupied ones. Products such as pharmaceuticals, food, and beverages also thrive on even temperature and humidity. A space that is evenly balanced is also easier and less expensive to heat and cool.

Improved comfort and a smaller carbon footprint, paid for by energy savings. No wonder ZOO Fans have the animals screaming for more! Find out why a ZOO fan should be your next ceiling fan. Click on the Industry tab above, or just give us a call!

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