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Easiest Installation of any HVLS Fan on the Market.

Introducing the newest addition to Hunter’s industrial fan line — the highly-efficient XP series, specifically
designed for year-round HVAC cost savings and hassle-free installation. Engineered with a direct drive
motor and industrial components, XP fans come with a standard 2′ rigid mount and are powered by
readily available 110v input. This quiet featherweight boasts variable speed control to provide fully
adjustable airflow for maximum performance and efficiency, all at an unrivaled value.
Pre-assembled, patent-pending components and plug-n-play wiring makes it fast and easy. The #1 most
trusted name in ceiling fans continues to provide maintenance-free reliability that is synonymous with
every Hunter fan.

Hanging with direct-drive is way cooler.

Hunter ditched the gearbox. Like a hot potato. OK, actually, it took a lot of research and development.
But the result was Hunter’s innovative direct-drive motor that’s the heart and soul of their industrial fans.
Way, way lighter. Jaw-droppingly efficient. More powerful than any other industrial ceiling fans out there.
And wicked affordable (think lower install, operation, and maintenance costs). So good luck to you, awkward
gearbox fan. Maybe you can find work as a ship anchor or something.


XP 7

7 ft diameter
100 lb / 45.5 kg
maximum affected area 1,225 sq ft

XP 8

8 ft diameter
104 lb / 47.3 kg
maximum affected area 1,600 sq ft

XP 10

10 ft diameter
108 lb / 49.1 kg
maximum affected area 2,500 sq ft

XP 12

12 ft diameter
117 lb / 53.2 kg
maximum affected area 3,600 sq ft

XP 14

14 ft diameter
121 lb / 55 kg
maximum affected area 4,900 sq ft

Such an easy install it makes your head spin.

Right out of the box, a single person with a few basic tools can install the XP in no time. Everything that we could pre-install for you, we did.
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