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Why buy a Hunter Industrial fan from ZOO Fans?


Two great fan companies, one great price. ZOO Fans has more experience than any other fan company when it comes to designing and installing HVLS fans, spot coolers, and small destratification fans, together. Multiple fans, one solution. Maybe all you need is one type of fan, but why not keep your options open? Here are just a few of the kinds of installations ZOO Fans has done:

  • (11) 24’ HVLS Fans, (135) H60 ZOO Fans
  • (8) 24’ HVLS Fans, (86) H60 ZOO Fans
  • (21) 24’ HVLS Fans, (165) H60 ZOO Fans

…you get the idea. From just a couple 8’ fans to a warehouse full. We’ll help you design the right solution.

Which fan, and how many?


Great question! Like most things, it depends on the objective. Grab the dimensions of the space—length, width, and ceiling height—note any obstructions, like racking, or cranes, or big tanks full of freshly brewed beer, and give us a call. We’ll help. Need somebody locally to come out and take a look? No problem. We’ll put you in touch with a local representative. So, what are you waiting for?  Give us a call!

What about colors?


Standard color for the Titan is Silver (Clear Anodized Aluminum)

Standard color for the Eco is Black (Black Anodized Aluminum)

Oh, you mean real colors! Don’t worry, we’ve got those, too. Choose from eleven standard color options or provide a custom color. Let us know what you’ve got in mind—just be sure and order the powder-coated color of your choice at the same time the fan is ordered.

Which voltage?


Hunter fans come in commonly available voltages, and operate the same, regardless of which voltage is selected. The best one to use is often the most accessible or cost-effective depending on what’s already available in the building where the fan(s) are going to be installed. Questions?  Give us a call.

Limbo, limbo fan—how low can you go?


It’s recommended that the fan blades are installed no lower than 10’ from the floor. Unprotected fans should never be installed in a location that is easily accessible, regardless of height.

Reverse limbo—how high can you go?


A 20’ to 24’ diameter fan performs best at 20’ to 30’ above the floor. Acceptable performance has been demonstrated at 40-45’. For higher ceilings—hangars to 100’, sports arenas 85-90’ high, for example—consider ZOO Fans H120 EC and H140 EC Fans, both proven performers at those heights.

Can these HVLS fans be mounted outdoors?


Not currently. The Hunter Titan and Eco fans do not carry the proper IP ratings to be certified for outdoor use.

What about in wash down areas?


The Titan line is suitable for damp locations.

Why only 4 or 5 blades instead of more? More blades = more air, right?


Hunter’s extensive research found that four custom airfoils matched to a 5/8 HP direct-drive motor is the optimal balance between efficiency and performance. The 4-bladed ECO line delivers that unmatched value.

For high-performance, the absolute sweet spot is five custom airfoils matched to a 1 HP direct-drive motor. With the same coverage as competitors’ fans pushing a 2 HP motor and more blades, the TITAN line hits the mark on HVLS efficiency, performance, and value. Call us!